Dress code

In the interests of maintaining reasonable standards and understanding modern requirements, Northampton Golf Club would request that Members, Guests and Visitors respect the following Dress Code to save embarrassment for all concerned.

On The Course

A good standard of golfing dress must be adhered to on the Golf Course. Recognised Golf Shoes (Soft-spikes preferred) must be worn.

Trousers, Shorts, Skirts and Skorts must be of the tailored variety (NO Denim Jeans, Cargo Pants, Combat Trousers, Sports Shorts, Swimming Shorts or Cut-offs) and Shorts, Skirts and Skorts must be worn with knee length socks or sports socks which should be predominantly one colour.

Recognised Golf Shirts or Shirts with collars (NO Football, Rugby or Shirts with indiscreet slogans or logos) must be worn.)

Golf Caps and Headwear may only be worn with the peak to the front, and must be removed before entering the Clubhouse. Any other recognised Golf Attire.

In The Clubhouse

A good standard of Smart Casual dress must be worn in the Clubhouse at ALL times with Smart Denim (Dark Blue ONLY) also being permitted.

Modern Casual Shoes are permitted including Smart Trainers, Sandals, Loafers and Deck Shoes. Smart Shirts designed to be worn outside Trousers, Shorts, Skirts and Skorts are permitted.

All clothing, including Denim (Dark Blue ONLY), must be clean and not faded, torn or soiled. Rain Gear and Golf Shoes may be worn in the "Spike Bar" ONLY. The wearing of any Rain Gear and Golf Shoes, including those with Spikeless or Moulded Soles, may NOT be worn in the Main Lounge Bar or Restaurant.

Please note that Footwear must be worn in the Clubhouse at all times and walking around in socks or bare feet is NOT permitted.

The following items are NOT acceptable on the Golf Course or in the Clubhouse -
* Tracksuits or Shellsuits
* Beach, Swimming or Other Sports Shorts
* T-shirts without a Collar
* Rugby/Football Shirts or Shorts
* Combat and Camouflage Trousers

Any other Clothing that may be offensive to Members

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones may be taken onto the Golf Course and must be in Silent Mode. Mobile Phones may NOT be used for conversation in the Clubhouse but may be used on Silent.

The Club reserves the right to refuse admission to the Course or Clubhouse if individuals are not able to comply with our Dress Code, club rules, normal courtesies and the rules of golf.