Membership Categories

Please speak directly to the Golf & Operations Manager for membership enquiries

Membership Annual Subscription
7 Day £1,500.00
5 Day £1,250.00
9 Hole Membership 7 Day £857.00
Intermediate 19-24 £675.00
Intermediate 25-30 £975.00
Intermediate 31-34 £1,350.00
Junior Under 13 £76.00
Junior 13-15 £135.00
Junior 16-18 £194.00
Country Membership £1,115.00
Social (No Entrance Fee) £100.00
Full-time Student (18> ) Living away from home £385.00
Full-time Student (18>) Living at home in Northampton £500.00
Affiliation Fee -All golf subscriptions include the annual fee of - £18.25

Joining Fee

Joining fees will be applied in respect of new Members at an amount determined by the Board.

Where commercial circumstances require the Board reserves the right to increase, decrease or waive joining fees and will give advance notification of this by updating the Club’s website at least 7 days in advance of any such change.

There will be no right to refund to any Members who have paid a higher joining fee should a lower fee subsequently be determined. Members, with at least five years continual membership, who leave the Golf Club or who wish to suspend their membership may apply to the Board to seek re-admission to the Golf Club without payment of the relevant joining fee applicable from time to time.

The Board, following consideration of the applicant’s personal circumstances, may exercise its discretion to waive any joining fee that applies at the time provided that the period of absence or suspension has not exceeded two years at the time of the application to re-join being submitted by the former Member.


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